Which priests are you most excited about?

Tech priests are the most popular profession in the Catholic Church, according to new data released Monday.

Tech priests were used in more than 1.2 million parishes worldwide, accounting for a majority of the 1.4 million priests in the United States.

The data shows the Catholic church continues to expand its ranks of priests and increase its reach across the globe.

The most popular religious profession in 2016 was the priesthood, with 1.5 million priests worldwide, according a study by the Pew Research Center.

The church has been growing steadily since 2008, when the number of priests was about 1.3 million.

The church’s numbers in 2016 were almost double that of the previous year, but there was no significant change in the number and types of priests worldwide.

The trend could signal the church’s continued embrace of technology and technology adoption, said Peter J. Boyer, executive director of the Pew Center on Religion & Public Life.

The number of priest-nominated priests rose by 17 percent between 2016 and 2017.

In 2017, nearly 1,800 priests were nominated for the priesthood in the U.S. and Canada, while the number in 2016 grew by just six percent.

But there was a drop in the percentage of priests nominated for a particular priesthood in 2016.

The proportion of priests nominating for a specific order rose by less than 2 percent, but that was still enough to make up nearly a third of the total number of bishops and priests.

In 2016, the percentage was more than double the percentage for other orders.

The 2016 study also found the number one reason priests are becoming priests has more to do with social and economic needs, than a preference for particular priesthoods.

In fact, about half of priests in 2016 said they wanted to become priests in a given year because of family or friends’ needs, the study found.

More priests and more priests and it’s not just the number, the researchers said.

It’s the type of priest.

The most popular choice for a priest was a layperson, accounting of more than a quarter of all priests.

The other two most popular choices were a layman or a member of a religious order.

The study also said that more than one in five priests were attracted to the priesthood as a career.

Boys were the most common religious affiliation among the priests, with half of all males aged 18 to 39 saying they were Catholic and nearly two-thirds of all women in that age group.

The majority of women in the same age range also said they were more likely to be religious, as were those who were single, divorced or widowed.

The Catholic Church has long been known for its emphasis on the celibacy of priests.

It has also emphasized its support of women, a position that has led some critics to argue that the church is abandoning the women’s role in its religious life.

In the past decade, the Catholic hierarchy has also been trying to improve the quality of its clergy.

In recent years, the Vatican has instituted a more open, flexible approach to the hiring and tenure of priests, including requiring priests to take on more responsibilities as part of a plan to attract more women to the clergy.

But the data released by the U-M-based Pew Research center suggests that the Catholic Catholic Church is not embracing that effort.

The Pew study found that the percentage who are married, have children and live in a married home has risen by nearly 50 percent since 2008.

The increase is mostly attributed to the growing number of children and the increasing number of people in families.

The Catholic church has had a larger percentage of married fathers than married mothers in the last few decades, and it has also experienced a decline in the share of priests who were ordained and ordained by priests.

The Pew Research study also showed that the number who are now priests is down among Catholics in the Philippines and Brazil, but it is higher among Protestants and Orthodox Christians in Eastern Europe.

There are several reasons that might be driving the decrease in priests, the Pew researchers said, including fewer women in leadership positions, and the changing role of women within the church.

“There’s a sense that the priesthood is more about male power and more about the male leadership,” Boyer said.

The study also suggests that there is a growing number in the clergy who are not Catholic, and some of those priests are attracted to other religious traditions.

A recent survey found that more Catholic priests identify as agnostic, atheist, or neutral, with a smaller share of them identifying as religious.

This is not to say that the Church is completely abandoning its support for traditional forms of religion, but its numbers are dropping in these areas, Boyer added.

The U-Mass survey also found that Catholic laypeople have the highest levels of support for a lay Catholic, with 76 percent of them saying they support a lay priest in a particular field of life.

That compares to 62 percent of Protestants, 52 percent of Orthodox Christians, 47 percent of Methodists and 43 percent of Mormons.

Among men, women, and

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