The top 10 synonyms for priest in the US

The word priest is a synonym for “clergy” in English.

It is derived from the Latin priest-, which means “priest.”

The word also has several Latin roots, such as prioress or priorex, meaning “sister.”

The name is the Greek word for “holy,” and it’s also the name of a church in ancient Greece.

The word is also a noun.

It’s also used to describe an unmarried, or divorced, priest.

In the US, priests are called deacons, or deacons of God, but the word is more commonly used to refer to people who serve as ministers.

Here are the top 10 words that have a priestly meaning in English: * Priests are called priestesses, priestesses are called priests.

* Priestesses have a higher status than priests.

They are called ministers, ministers have a lower status.

* A priest is called a deacon.

A deacon is a minister.

* The word for priestess is the word priest.

* It is an honorific name for an unmarried person.

It was used for a priestess, and also for a married woman.

* There are no male priests in the United States.

It should be noted that while most people think of priests as being married, this is not necessarily the case.

There are, however, some who are married to priests, and there are some men who are ordained as priests.

The top ten synonyms of priest in English are: * Bishop: A bishop is a member of the Church of England, a hierarchical, Roman Catholic order of priests that has no male clergy.

* Bishop of Canterbury: A diocese of the British church in England, called the Anglican Church in England.

* Deacon: A deacons office is a place of service for people who are not in the church.

It can also mean a priest or priestess.

* Priestess: A priestess serves as a lay person for religious purposes.

It also can mean a layperson or priest.

It used to be used to mean a married person.

* Teacher: A teacher is a teacher of the priesthood, the highest authority in the Anglicans and the United Methodist churches.

* deacon: Deacons of the Anglicanism, the United Church of Christ, or the Episcopal Church are ordained by bishops.

* teacher: A layperson.

The first time that I heard the word “priests” in the context of English was in the 1880s, when a writer for the Sunday Times described how “privy-girls” were teaching in a “church of god” in England in the 1790s.

The term has since become more common.

Some sources suggest that it was a term of endearment rather than a formal description of a relationship.

But the word itself has had an interesting history.

The earliest use of the word was by a 17th-century author named William Shakespeare.

In his play The Tempest, the title character, Henry VI, is a nobleman who is engaged to a maid, who he wants to be his wife.

He’s going to have a child with her, and she’s the wife of his rival.

When he sees her, he says to her, “I don’t care if it’s a girl or a boy, I want to have you.”

When the woman is married, he does not say, “You’re married, but you’re not my wife.”

The term was first used in print in the 1700s, as the term was coined by a clergyman named William Penn.

The name was later adopted by a writer named William Langston, who used it in his novel The Raven.

In 1832, the New York Times used the term in a story about a young man who “is now the priest of the parish of God.”

In 1836, a British newspaper reported on a “Priestess,” a woman who was “frequently married to a priest.”

In the early 1900s, the word appeared on the cover of the magazine Sunday Times.

The newspaper said that the title was “a reference to a girl’s marriage to a clergywoman.”

In 1931, the Church published a book of definitions of the term, and the term’s use was included.

But it’s not the only term that has come to have some controversy.

In 1973, a priest named Geraldine MacKenzie accused a Catholic priest of using the word in a newspaper column.

The case was settled out of court, but MacKenny lost her case and lost her reputation.

In 1988, a judge ruled that the word could be used in a column, and in 1993, the term “priyeness” was added to the dictionary of the American English language.

In 1998, another case was brought against a priest, saying that he had used the word.

In 1999, a Pennsylvania court ruled that using the term violated the privacy rights of the person. The judge

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