How the priest collar works

In this case, the collar is a piece of metal that attaches to the collar of a collar that has been fitted with a device that transmits a signal from the wearer to the wearer’s smartphone.

This is a kind of sensor that allows the wearer, who is wearing the collar, to track where his or her body is. 

As such, the technology could provide information on a wearer’s movements, health status, and mood, such as what time it is and how many days in a row he or she has been eating a certain meal.

The device would also collect data on the wearer and give it to a smartphone app, allowing the app to monitor the wearer in real time.

The technology could even help people who wear contact lenses to track the wearer during a vision or surgery. 

The collar would also be a smart-phone app that would be able to provide users with a notification when the device is within a certain distance of their eyes, allowing them to check if the wearer is looking at their smartphone or their phone is on the ground.

The device is being developed by a Swiss-based company called the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), which is part of ETH Zurich.

ETH CEO Ralf Gieringer said in a statement that the project was about creating an information technology system that could be used for medical purposes.

“A system like this would enable the medical industry to better manage their patients’ health,” he said.

The researchers believe that the collar will be able not only to track a wearer during their activities but also the time of day they are in.

“We believe the information collected from the collars could be useful for measuring heart rate and sleep, and also for predicting whether the wearer will be at a certain level of alertness,” Gierlinger said.

“In the future, we hope that the collar could be integrated into smart-home devices and also could be incorporated into wearables that monitor health status and sleep,” he added.

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