Which Vatican-run priest is the “most controversial”?

Posted May 07, 2019 04:06:20 The Vatican has officially admitted that it has been paying a priest named Cardinal Oscar Pistorius a monthly salary of €1,800 since 2015.

In an open letter to Pope Francis, the Vatican said that Pistorius, who has been suspended from the priesthood for allegedly assaulting two female employees, “is receiving a salary that is not based on his actual income but is an indirect form of compensation”.

The letter was published on Friday by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

Pistorius was originally suspended in March 2018 for allegedly raping and sexually assaulting two women, including a teenager, in his home.

Pistoles alleged that he was raped while he was a parishioner of St Peter’s in Rome, which he has denied.

Pistorious has not been found guilty of the crime and he has been living under house arrest since being arrested on December 30, 2018.

The Vatican said the “payments” were not a “direct payment” but were “directly related to the expenses for the priest’s pastoral duties”.

“The payments are for expenses related to his diocesan duties in a diocese, such as the pastoral activities of the dioceses,” the Vatican wrote.

Pistors monthly salary is not a direct payment, the Pope’s office told La Repubblica, but the amount of the payment does not depend on the number of days that the bishop or the Vatican itself pays.

“It is not clear why the amount has been paid.

The pope has not provided any explanation,” the letter said.

Pistories alleged rape allegations The letter from the Vatican’s economic affairs ministry added that the “payment of the salary is based on a contract between the church and the priest”.

The Pope’s spokesperson, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, told the newspaper: “We cannot confirm the identity of the person, but it is clear that he is a priest and is receiving a monthly income.”

The Vatican also denied Pistorius had been suspended by the Vatican, saying that the Pope “condemns all forms of violence” and that the church “is fully committed to the protection of all people.”

“The pope also calls on all the priests and religious to remain vigilant and to act in the interests of the whole church,” the statement said.

“We are also aware of the allegations, which we condemn.”

In 2016, Pistorius and his wife were found guilty by a court in Switzerland of sexual misconduct against a 16-year-old boy.

The court said the couple had been having an affair for several years, with the girl reporting that Pistoles had forced her to have sex with him, then locked the girl in a closet, and had raped her.

Pistols was sentenced to 12 years in prison in January 2017.

In 2017, a US court upheld a conviction by a jury in Texas of the former pastor of a Baptist church for sexually abusing a 15-year old girl.

In 2016 and 2017, Pistoles and his family were also convicted of sexual abuse by other members of the church.

Pistris was ordained a priest in 1998 and is the head of the Vatican diocese of San Diego, California.

His former parishioners were reportedly not aware of his sexual abuse allegations until he was expelled from the church in 2005.

“This is not the first time that the Holy See has received a complaint about Cardinal Oscar.

In fact, the Holy Father himself had a complaint against him in 2006,” the church said in a statement on the pope’s behalf.

“The Holy Father has called for a thorough investigation, to which the Vatican is grateful for its assistance.”

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