John Judas: I’m ‘pretty sure’ I’ll never be ‘Pope’ again

The Vatican is preparing to formally recognise the “John Judas Priest” as the new pontiff, the pope’s confidant said Thursday, adding that the new “Pope” has the potential to change the world.

In an interview with Vatican Radio, Cardinal Antonio Spadaro, the Vatican’s former spokesman, said he has been told by a number of people that the current pontiff is not “the John Judases” but he does not know how the new pope will be perceived.

“I don’t think the people who have the impression of this Pope are going to see him as the John Judase,” he told the radio station.

“It’s not like he’s the one who is in the Vatican and it’s not the Pope who has the title of Pope.”

Spadaros comments come after reports that a “John Jude” will be installed as the next pope, replacing the current pope.

“There’s been talk about a ‘John Judasi’ Pope,” said Cardinal Bernard Law, a former Vatican spokesman.

“We need to keep this a secret.

There is no question of John Judasi.”

Cardinal Spadari added that he had not spoken with “John” himself.

In his interview, Spadario said that, “as far as I know, this is the first time the Pope has been asked to step down.”

He also said that he believed that the future of the church would be determined by the outcome of the election.

“The church is a reflection of the people,” he said.

“When the election is won, this Pope, the new Pope, will come from a very different world to the one that we’ve seen so far.”

He said he hoped that the election would lead to “a renewal of the faith, a renewal of our love, a renewed spirit.”

The interview came as the Vatican has been rocked by the scandal over its handling of the death of the Rev. John Paul II.

A Vatican commission investigating the pontiff’s handling of Mr. John’s death found the church had not done enough to prevent the death.

The inquiry, which was completed this week, has been described as a “tough, sobering and damning” report.

The pope’s decision to put Mr. Paul’s ashes on the altar in St Peter’s Square, a move which was condemned by many, was condemned widely.

In the interview, Cardinal Spaderos said he believed the new papacy would bring the world “a fresh beginning.”

He added that, for him, it was about “a new beginning”.

Cardinal Spadao also said he wanted to thank the Pope Francis for his support and for the support of the Vatican, the world’s oldest Catholic institution.

“For all of you who love the church, I want to thank you, especially the Pope, for all your kind words,” he added.

“In the coming years we have to remember this was the Pope’s choice and the Pope was the only person who could have made it.

And he’s a very good person.” “

He’s a great Pope, a great man.

And he’s a very good person.”

Cardinal Antonio Maria Martini, a Vatican spokesman, told Reuters news agency that the Vatican was not aware of the new arrangement.

The Vatican has yet to make a final decision on the appointment of a successor to the late pope, who died in September at age 90.

Cardinal Spadoro has long been critical of the current papacy, which he said has been too quick to condemn the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church has come under fire in recent years for its handling and teachings of the so-called “Francis Plan,” which was approved in the early 2000s to reform the church and to help the church avoid scandal.

The plan called for the expulsion of all current clergy and the resignation of most church leaders who were not “vulnerable” and who had been involved in “inappropriate” behavior.

The proposal was never implemented.

Pope Francis said last week that he hoped for “more courage and more compassion” from the Catholic church in the face of the scandal.

Cardinal Antonio Cardinal Spaddari, who served as a senior Vatican official in the 1990s, also slammed the current Pope Francis’ handling of abuse claims.

Cardinal Espadao said in an interview last week with the Italian television station Tass that “the church is doing all it can” to protect children.

“But it cannot hide that we are failing to protect them from abuse,” Cardinal Spadso said.

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