JESUIT PRIEST TRAINING FOR 2018: The official launch of the JESUS’ TRAINERS program is just weeks away!

The official JESUTER’S TRAINER PROGRAM launches this week and is expected to bring more than 500 priests from around the world to the United States to participate in the upcoming summer training program, which is being sponsored by the Archdiocese of Dallas.

The JESUALIS TRAINEDY is a series of three sessions where priests from all dioceses across the United Kingdom will receive intensive training in the ministry of Jesus Christ. 

JESUS is the first major ministry program to be developed and operated by the archdiocese and was launched in 2003 to train new priests for ministry in the Anglican Communion.

This year’s training will take place in Houston, Texas and will be overseen by the Dallas Archdiocesan Missionary Training Centre.JESUITS’ TRAILERS PROGRAM is designed to give young priests the chance to develop their abilities in a structured and challenging way, according to the Dallas archdiocesan.

“This program is designed specifically for priests to get an introduction to the ministry and to build their capacity in ministry,” said Father Matthew O’Connell, Diocesan Coordinator for the JISUALIS’ TRAGING program.

“The focus of this program is on developing the core competencies of a priest in order to become a competent leader and priest of the future.

The goal is to prepare them for the ministry by teaching them about the gospel, about Jesus, about the priesthood and the ministry.”

The Dallas Archbishops Missionary Trainers have been trained to teach, administer, and supervise priestly training for over 15 years.

The training will last two to three months and culminate in the priest becoming a full-time priest, with all the training done in the archbishop’s office.

“This is not a one-time experience for anyone, but it is the beginning of a long and fruitful journey that will bring joy and happiness to priests in the diocese,” said O’Conners diocesan.

The Dallas archbishop has long been a supporter of the church’s seminarians and has promoted seminarians through his ministry.

He also recently appointed several former seminarians to the priesthood.

“In the last three years, we have seen our membership grow exponentially and the number of seminarians entering the priesthood more than tripled,” O’Connor said.

“These seminarians have had the opportunity to serve in a number of capacities, from teaching the priesthood to being active in the mission field.”

According to the diocesi, seminarians from across the archorate will be training in their diocees. 

The Dallas church is located on the outskirts of Houston, a city that has seen an increase in religious attendance and attendance in seminarians.

“We are proud to have the Archbans support our seminarians, especially the seminarians who have made this commitment to God, their church and our mission,” Ockford said. 

For more information on the JASUIT’S PRIETARY TRAIN, please visit:

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