‘This is a man who had his life changed’ – ‘He’s an icon, he’s an iconic figure’

An icon has been born.

A shadow priest.

A spiritual leader.

An icon of the church in the 21st century.

And now, a man of God, he is the Archbishop of Canterbury.

He is known for his devotion to his flock.

For more than a century, the Archbishop has been known as the most important person in the church, with more than 40,000 followers.

But as the world has become more secularised, the Church has become increasingly vulnerable to the pressures of political correctness and the rise of extremism.

The Archbishop is the first pope to be replaced by a man other than the pope in over 1,000 years.

And while he is an icon of Catholicism, the role has been in some ways diminished by the rise in popularity of other religions.

The latest poll by the Pew Research Centre found that only 41% of Catholics think the Pope is doing a good job as Pope, while only 36% said he is doing an excellent job.

And with the Pope’s popularity in some countries rising and others falling, it is becoming harder for the Pope to hold onto his role.

Pope Francis has struggled to attract crowds at his daily Mass, even as the Church grows more diverse.

The Vatican has also been hit by scandals, including the sexual abuse of minors by priests and the scandal surrounding child sex abuse in the Vatican.

A recent poll by Ipsos found that a quarter of Catholics surveyed felt the Vatican was “too closed” and only 25% said it was “fair”.

The Pope has made headlines recently by issuing a new, “humble” papal greeting and has also taken to Twitter to thank people for their support.

In the past year, he has been the target of criticism for comments about homosexuality and women’s rights.

And it is not the first time he has had to deal with criticism.

In 2013, the Pope was forced to apologise for a remark that he made during a mass at St Peter’s Basilica.

He was criticised by some Catholics for being too “determined to change the world”.

He has also faced criticism for some of his policies, including his support for abortion rights and same-sex marriage.

In February, he also called for an end to slavery and the ordination of women, despite saying at the time that women were “worse than dogs” and should be put to death.

In 2015, he announced the resignation of Archbishop Desmond Tutu as head of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

It has not been easy for the Archbishop.

After Pope Francis was elected in March 2016, he was accused of plagiarising the work of Pope John Paul II.

He responded by calling Tutu’s work “an act of sheer vanity”.

But Pope Francis has also struggled to gain widespread popularity.

He faced criticism after he appeared to support same-gender marriage in March 2018.

Some Catholics also criticised his handling of the Catholic Church’s response to the wave of asylum seekers and refugees arriving in Europe.

Some, such as the former Pope Benedict XVI, have suggested the Pope should be more open to the idea of accepting migrants.

He has defended the Church’s role in the refugee crisis and said he would like to see more migrants in the Church, but he also said that the Pope does not need to speak out against the migrants.

Some commentators have criticised the Pope for the way he has handled the refugee situation.

The Pope is known to be fiercely independent and he has even clashed with his predecessor, Pope Benedict, over whether he would be allowed to marry his girlfriend, Beatrice, during their six-year marriage.

He also recently announced a new papal residence in the UK, which will be located on the continent of Europe.

The BBC has contacted the Vatican for comment.

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