How to play Shadow Priest Legendaries

Shadow Priest has been around for almost two years now, but the deck has always had some issues that make it hard to perform well.

Here are some tips on how to play it better.1.

Set up a Deathlord and 2 Deathlords on the field2.

Put Deathlord on the board with a minion like Acolyte of Pain or a Divine Favor.3.

Add another minion like Ragnaros the Firelord to your hand and play a Death Knight or a Demonlord.4.

You can also run a Hunter’s Mark for extra tempo.5.

Play a second Deathlord with a Deathwing and a Fire Elemental on the battlefield to make the Deathlord even more powerful.6.

If you get a board full of minions with deathrattle abilities, you can drop a Shadowcaster or Shadowcaster-Echoing Ooze into the mix.7.

If there is a huge amount of minions in your hand, you might want to run a Demonhunter or a Muster for Battle to help you draw more cards.8.

If your opponent is using some kind of burst, try to kill them with the minion Deathlord, Shadowcaster, or Shadowflame, so they can’t draw more card advantage.9.

If the game is going to be very tight, you should use the Deathcaller or Shadowcaller to get the Deathlords back and get the board clear.10.

Play your Deathlords and use their stats to your advantage.

If possible, try for a full board wipe to try and kill the enemy Deathlord first.11.

Try to keep your minions alive as long as possible and try to survive your own Deathlord’s attacks.12.

If something like a Divine Shield or a Priest of the Feast gets through, try using the Deathlayers to heal your minions.13.

Try and keep your board clear, but if you get attacked, you need to use your Deathlord to heal them.14.

If all of your minions are dead, try and play another Deathlord or Shadowlord to put your board even more clear.15.

If some of your minion’s stats are low, try dropping a Shadowflame and Deathcallers to get your Deathlaying minions back up to full health.16.

You should also try to play your minions to the face if possible, as your opponent will usually have to play their minions to counter you.17.

Try playing some small minions on the other side of the board to prevent the opponent from drawing more card draw.18.

Try using your minions with a Divine buff on them as they are useful for your own board clear and damage.19.

Try running some cheap weapons to help draw cards.

You want to avoid killing all your own minions in the process.20.

If an enemy minion is going for a big burst, use the Acolettes of Pain and Deathlords to deal with it and save your own Lifeblood for the next turn.21.

Try not to kill your own minion with the Deathmage, as the card draw will often be too much for you to do in this situation.22.

Try casting your Shadowcaster on the enemy player to get a minion on the table and to get an additional card draw if needed.23.

Try keeping your Shadowlords alive as much as possible as they can help you deal with the bigger minions and to draw cards if needed, but be aware of their health and how much damage they deal.24.

Try getting some minions to trigger their buffs, as they will often help you to deal more damage with your Deathrattles.25.

Try drawing your minions more frequently so that you have the board in your favor.26.

Try removing minions with Divine Shield if you have one in your deck.27.

Try throwing in some cheap weapon buffs on the opponent to help your own team win.28.

Try trying to play a different class of deck, as you can often get the most out of the cards you have in your Hand.29.

Try adding in some more aggressive minions to your Hand if you feel you need them.

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