How to get away with killing people in ‘Game of Thrones’ (part 3)

In episode 3, we saw how Arya and Sansa are fighting for survival in the city of Winterfell and that it’s not going to be easy for them.

That fight is coming to a close this week, but Arya still has some friends.

Here’s what to expect from her.

“You should know that the Red Woman is not in the way,” Sansa says.

“She is going to keep the peace.”

Arya smiles and nods.

The next thing you know, she’s in the middle of an ambush.

“Who the hell are you?” she asks.

“I’m Arya Stark, the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms,” Sanson says, pointing to her.

“The Queen of Westeros.”

This is a pretty straightforward line, but Sansa has some tricks up her sleeve for getting a quick response.

Sansa and Arya are on the run in the Red Waste.

Arya is just getting ready to leave Winterfell when she’s approached by an unknown figure.

“This is the Red Witch,” she tells her.

Sansa knows the Red witch is dead, but she still thinks she’s Arya.

“You’re still alive?”

Arya asks.

Sanson is surprised by this, but the Red Queen’s words have a certain ring to them.

“It is a fact, my lord,” the witch says.

Arya’s heart breaks for the witch.

“Then you are not dead, my queen,” the Red Priest says.

They’ve been caught and held prisoner by the Red Lady.

“No, no, no,” Arya says, trying to be reassuring.

“They’ll let me go.”

Sansa is relieved.

She knows the witch is innocent, and she knows she’s not the only one.

Aryas brother, Hodor, has been killed by the witch and her men.

The Red Witch says they will die in the battle.

“And if I do not die?”

Aryas questions.

“If I am not?” the Red Mother replies.

“There is nothing you can do, my child,” the Witch says.

She then turns to Sansa.

She asks her to tell Hodor the truth.

“Please tell him that I am no longer alive,” Aryas cries.

“Tell him I’m no longer in the fight,” the girl replies.

Then she gives up on trying to save Hodor.

In episode 4, we see Arya being taken by the White Walkers.

We don’t get to see her face until the very end of the episode.

Aryat and Sanson are captured, and Aryas family are on trial.

“Hodor, the boy who betrayed the Queen,” the White Witch says, as they’re being dragged into the courtroom.

Aryah is shocked.

“What do you want me to say?” she says.

The White Witch then explains that she wants to tell the truth to the world.

“All that is said and done is history.

That is the truth,” she says, before she disappears.

“Goodbye,” Sansons brother, Oberyn, says to his sister.

“We’re done,” Aryahs brother says.

We’re now looking at the final showdown between the Red and the White in the season 4 finale.

The Red Witch and her Red Handmen are now holding Arya captive.

The Witch asks Arya what she is doing here.

“My name is the Witch of the Waste, my name is Arya,” she replies.

The woman then grabs Arya by the throat and says, “Your blood is mine.”

Aryas body is taken away and placed in the sewers of Winter.

Arys body is never seen again.

There’s no mention of Arya ever again in the books, although it’s clear she did come back to life during the season 5 finale.

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