How Netflix, Netflix and Netflix have found success in Egypt

NETFLIX, NETFLX, NETFREAK, NETflix: Netflix, Netflix, and Netflix: How Netflix, Netflix and Netflix have found success in Egypt.

Egypt’s official tourism agency, the Ministry of Tourism, has issued a warning against using the social media platform in the country’s tourist-rich Sinai Peninsula.

“Do not take photos with your phone in public areas, and use caution when using the internet, especially if you are a foreigner,” the ministry said on Twitter.

The ministry also advised tourists to avoid posting videos and photos of themselves online, and urged them to avoid social media sites and apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.

Many of the Egyptian tech companies have faced criticism from Egypt’s opposition for not acting more aggressively to crack down on religious extremism and religious fanatics.

Earlier this month, the country passed a new law banning “foreigners and tourists from owning computers, mobile phones, cameras, or other mobile devices that transmit or store images of images of nude or obscene matter, whether it is for commercial purposes or for entertainment purposes.”

The law, which goes into effect this week, comes after a series of mass arrests in Cairo and the western city of Alexandria, where authorities cracked down on suspected Islamist sympathizers.

Police officers in Cairo said Sunday they had detained at least 19 suspected Islamist suspects on charges of “insulting religion” and “inciting violence.”

On Monday, Egypt’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced it had banned the sale of clothes, jewelry, toys, and other merchandise featuring religious imagery and images.

According to Egyptian law, the ministry is required to issue these orders after a court determines that there is sufficient evidence to detain or charge a person for inciting or committing an offense against the country.

Last week, Egypt launched a national day of mourning for those killed in the unrest.

___Associated Press writers Ali Shihab and Abubakar Abouhnehi in Cairo, Egypt, contributed to this report.

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