How to make a cult follower a Christian

I’m going to give you an example.

A good example would be a cult leader who has a reputation for being an excellent teacher, but is known for his sexual harassment.

Now, he is known as an excellent teaching, and his reputation is built on good teaching.

If a cult member is able to make it in the priesthood, he may have a chance to convert his followers to Christianity.

But what if the cult leader doesn’t have a reputation of being an outstanding teacher?

What happens to the cult when he is gone?

Let’s say he leaves.

There are three possible scenarios: 1.

He becomes an evangelical pastor.

If this happens, his followers will come to see him as a saint.

The leader is now a saint in their eyes.


He leaves the cult and becomes an atheist.

In this case, he will become the most hated man in the world.

He is now viewed by the entire population as a pariah.

He will become even more hated by his followers.


He dies and leaves his followers in a state of shock and mourning.

In these scenarios, he would be considered a saint, and it is possible for him to convert them.

This is a scenario that has happened in the past and is still happening in some cults today.

One important thing to remember when talking about this is that the Bible is very clear that this is not the final outcome.

This scenario is the outcome of a process of gradual conversion.

After a leader becomes a saint through a gradual process of conversion, he should then return to the life of his old self.

When that happens, the cult will no longer be a threat to his followers and they can continue to be followers of him.

So if you are considering joining a cult, you can rest assured that the outcome will not be the end of your life.

The Bible has already given us some information about what is required for a conversion to happen.

The first of these requirements is that you must repent of your sins.

If you continue to do so, you will eventually be forgiven and will be given the gift of the Holy Spirit.

If your sins are serious enough, your Lord will forgive you.

The second is that your followers must accept you as a new member.

In other words, you must be willing to be redeemed.

If the followers accept you, you should receive the gift as a blessing and be given eternal life.

If they refuse you, they will be killed by the Lord.

So a good conversion would require both of these things.

The third requirement is that all of your members must repent and accept your new status.

This means that your former followers must also repent and do the same.

If these conditions are met, you are converted and have received the Holy Ghost.

This happens automatically.

The reason why the Church has so many requirements for a convert is because they are based on the Bible and are the teachings of the Church.

When the Church teaches the Bible, it does not teach the Bible’s interpretation of the Bible.

If it does, then the Church is not being accurate in its teaching.

The Church teaches that God has revealed his Word and the Word is the word of God.

The Holy Spirit can only speak through the Holy Scriptures.

This gives us a clue about how to convert to Christianity and how the Church interprets Scripture.

Now let’s look at some of the other requirements that must be met before you can join a cult.

The three conditions that must exist are: 1) You must be honest.

The Lord loves those who are honest.

We can all be honest in our lives and we can all tell the truth.

We have all been lied to.

We all have been deceived and deceived by our own minds.

2) You should be a good listener.

You must listen to people who are saying the truth about Jesus Christ.

We do not have to be experts in our field, but we must listen and be patient.

We need to be able to see what they are saying.

If someone is lying, we need to know if it is true.

3) You have to obey the commandments of the Lord Jesus Christ and do what is right.

If we are honest and faithful in obeying God’s commandments, we will receive the Holy Supper.

It is not just the Church that gives the Holy Sacrifice, but all of God’s people as well.

When we receive the Supper, we become one with God and we have the gift and authority to do anything God wants.

So, if you join a religious group, the first thing you should do is listen to your new friends and then do what God says.

This process of listening and being patient will give you the confidence to accept Jesus Christ as your new leader.

But how can we be honest?

If we say something bad about someone, then we will be criticized and accused of being immoral.

We will be called liars and Satanists.

In fact, this is the exact opposite of what the Bible teaches. When you

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