How to become a Mormon: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS)

A trip to the Mormon church’s temples in Utah, the world’s most populated, is often the highlight of a Mormon life.

And when the Mormons of Los Angeles, California, got the chance to see their church’s headquarters for themselves, they were not disappointed.

“We had this really beautiful experience, so we really wanted to get out and explore it,” Leland Smith, who was attending Brigham Young University, told CNN.

But this trip to a temple was more than just a spiritual trip for him and others.

“I just really wanted them to know that we’re not alone, we’re in this together,” he said.

“That’s really what made this experience so special.”

In the church’s holy sites, Smith and his family were welcomed with flowers, prayer, and a special visit from the prophet and the church leader, Joseph Smith Jr. Smith was born in 1846, but in the years following, he found his faith in the LDS church was evolving.

Smith had become a practicing Mormon by the late 1880s.

During his teens, he was ordained a bishop in the Mormon congregation in Salt Lake City, but he felt disillusioned after a decade.

In 1900, he left the church, claiming that it was based on a flawed interpretation of scripture.

In 1931, he moved to Los Angeles and joined the LDS Church.

He was baptized in the temple and married in the Salt Lake Temple in 1937.

“In our church there are people that have been ordained to the priesthood for a number of years,” Smith said.

The Church has not officially released the number of members in the church at this time, but a survey conducted in 2014 by the Pew Research Center found that in 2016 there were approximately 13 million Mormons worldwide, which makes it the largest worldwide faith.

While Smith says he believes that the church has a lot to offer, the most important thing he wants to be remembered for is that his family was welcomed.

“The Mormons that I met in the Temple were all like me,” Smith told CNN, “They had the same kind of family values and values as me.

It just gave me that feeling of joy.”

The church has its own temple in Los Angeles that can accommodate more than 2,000 people.

“They’re very, very generous,” Smith, his wife and two children, said.

When they got there, they saw a man who looked like his grandfather standing in the center of the room.

“When I saw him, I knew he was going to be the bishop,” Smith recalled.

“It was a beautiful, beautiful thing.”

Smith and the other family members went to the temple to celebrate the new leader, but the visit was not an easy one.

“There was a big security guard outside,” he told CNN while he and his wife waited for their guests.

The guards would not let them in, and Smith and Smith’s children were put in the back of a van.

Smith said he had no idea what they were doing, and after the security guard gave them permission to leave, the family went on their way.

Smith and others were not allowed to speak to the leader, and he was not allowed inside the temple for the next two years.

Smith says the visit made him feel ashamed for being in the same place with him.

He believes the temple was designed to make people feel like they were with him, even if they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Everywhere you go you’re in a different place, and when you go to the church you’re there for the right reasons, but you’re also in the presence of a man,” Smith explained.

Smith’s story has become a common theme for many Latter-Day Saints, and they say it is the only way to connect with the church they grew up in.

But what do the Mormons do to get to the temples?

The church offers tours of its temples.

They can include guided tours, guided tours with a guide, or guided tours of the temple.

Some churches offer paid guided tours.

But some temples have free tours, which can include walking in the streets or on the temple grounds.

LDS temple tours, however, are often restricted to a few people.

In some temples, there is only one person allowed to go to each temple and there is a “bond” of $20.

The bonds can be purchased at the temple, and the tour is not limited to one person.

But there is no charge for the tours.

Smith hopes the church will give people more opportunities to get a glimpse into the temple’s history.

“You don’t get a tour of a temple without a bond of $50 or $100,” Smith stated.

“People who are really invested in Mormonism, they get a sense of where the temple is, where it’s been for centuries, and that’s what’s really cool about this tour.”

The tour has

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