Why the world’s best gurus have to die

A new book has claimed that some of the world ‘s best gurus’ have been killed by their own followers in order to make way for more mainstream religion.

The book titled GURU, the Gospel of Ur, claims that the best guras are dying from self-destructive tendencies and that the current state of religion in the West is being led by gurus who are destroying the planet.

The authors claim that the gurus are taking over the spiritual and material world of the guru world and destroying their own disciples and followers.

“A great number of gurus, saints and religious figures have died by suicide.

The number of suicides is increasing, especially among those who are not religious at all, who are more interested in money, power and fame, and who are taking their own lives.

Many others, who have not committed suicide in their lifetime, are suffering from psychological and mental problems, and are taking lethal drugs,” the book says.

The most prominent of these are the guru who is now known as ‘godfather’, Father Piyush Goyal, who has reportedly taken his own life.

The author of the book, Vishnu Raman, said the guras have also taken over the world in order for the world to be controlled by a ‘super power’.

“In order to create the world, they have created an army of priests, mystics and shamans.

They are taking away the people’s power to make decisions, and they are killing their own devotees in order that the world will be controlled and controlled by the power of the super power,” he said.”

The power is coming from the Vatican.

The Vatican has been behind all these things.

They have been pushing these people to kill their own people.

This is not a spiritual or a spiritualistic issue.

This has nothing to do with spirituality or religion.

This was an attempt to destroy the power that the super powers have,” Raman said.

The spiritual power of a guru is supposed to be his/her power to communicate with and control the minds of the followers of the guru.

According to the author, the most influential of the religious leaders are the ones who are pushing the gura to commit suicide.

“When a guru commits suicide, it is not because he or she has been rejected by the community or by the society.

He/she has no one to tell him/her what to do,” Ramana added.GURU claims that these religious leaders have been manipulating the minds and minds of followers to make them believe that they need to die in order and that their deaths will bring about a new birth.

The books author said that some religious leaders were so desperate that they were willing to kill themselves in order not to be left behind.

“They wanted to die for the sake of the society that they lead.

The whole purpose is to make sure that they are left behind,” Ramanas claim.

The best gurs are dying by suicide, and it is a new era in which gurus die and followers die, the author said.

He claimed that the suicide is a way to escape the pain of the people that he represents and to let the people see that they have been duped.

“I have heard that when a guru dies, he is buried in a graveyard.

I am not sure if that is true, but he is not buried there,” Ramanan said.

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