How to find a bishop’s successor

As a Catholic priest, my job is to lead a faithful group of people who are doing their best to serve Jesus Christ, to preach the Gospel to others, and to protect the faith.

But I also have to be a shepherd, a guardian, and a teacher, to shepherd and to teach others how to live the Gospel.

That’s what the bishop’s job is.

This year, we’ll have a new leader in the Catholic church, Francis.

Francis will be the first Pope in centuries to be confirmed by the Senate.

He’ll be the third.

But he’s also a man who’s been elected president and a cardinal.

And he’s a Catholic who believes that Jesus Christ is the true and only Son of God, and that there’s no other way.

He has a history of helping other people, including women, with their problems.

So I can’t be surprised when the pope tells me that he doesn’t want to be remembered as someone who doesn’t have the right to govern.

But if the pope is so sure that he’s above the law, why does he want to serve the church that he so reveres?

If the pope thinks it’s okay to treat other people badly and abuse them, what’s the problem with that?

But the problem is that the pope, in fact, doesn’t believe that he can govern effectively unless he has the support of people.

In my experience, he’s the kind of person who doesn, in effect, believe that the church is just an extension of his own power, even if he doesn.

But even the pope who thinks he’s so much above the laws thinks he has a right to rule and rule himself.

I think it’s the only way that he and the church can be together.

That is, I think, what Francis will find when he’s sworn in.

It’ll be a time of great uncertainty, because he will have to make many decisions that affect the church and the way people live.

He may have to rein in the Vatican’s money-grubbing bureaucracy, and he may have an even more expansive agenda than the church wants.

It’s a huge challenge for the pope.

But there’s an even bigger challenge for Catholics around the world, because this is the new world order that Francis wants to usher in.

The global economy is now in a state of flux, with a host of competing global interests.

As Francis sees it, a new global order, one that puts human needs above economic ones, is not a bad thing.

The fact that Francis has embraced global capitalism and the free-market system is the only thing keeping the church alive.

But it also means that he is in the business of managing and managing the church, not running it.

That will make him very, very difficult.

Francis wants the church to be at the forefront of a global society, a global church, that is not ruled by a charismatic leader who’s anointed by God and who is accountable to God and to the pope himself.

Francis believes that the best way to promote a global vision of justice is to establish a global, interdisciplinary, ecumenical, global dialogue to guide this global movement of justice.

And the pope’s goal is not to become the next Pope of Rome.

But in my view, he will make this a very difficult transition.

But the church will survive.

As it has since the Renaissance, the church has a deep, abiding relationship with its people and with the planet.

The church has always been the glue that holds people together and holds communities together.

But today, the world is a chaotic place, where the leaders are largely unknown and where, increasingly, people don’t have faith in institutions to lead them.

And so we are at a turning point.

The world’s religions are changing rapidly.

The globalization of markets is tearing apart local communities, destroying traditional societies, and driving millions into poverty and homelessness.

But at the same time, there’s a great deal of faith in the church.

It seems to me that it’s all the more important that the new pope, Francis, is someone who is someone whose whole life has been about helping people, not just in Rome, but in every place in the world where people live together.

So we’re going to have a very interesting time in the years ahead.

We will have new leadership in the pope-led church.

But we will also have a pope who is, in my opinion, the most faithful servant of the church in the modern era, and who has a remarkable record of being faithful to the church’s teachings.

And I think he’s going to be able to keep that.

Francis is not someone who just wants to run the church or impose his will on it.

The pope has a great record of living the gospel, living the life of the faith, and showing love for others.

Francis, of course, has been a pastor, and there’s nothing more he’s been trained to do.

But Francis is also a deeply religious person, and

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