A Black Hat Priest Album for the Black Hat Podcast

This Black Hat podcast is about the life of a black hat priest and the importance of listening to what other black hats have to say about their experiences.

This podcast is an archive of the stories that we heard from black hat priests throughout the years.

We have recorded and preserved them, so you can always find a story that was told by a black hats priest in our archive.

If you’d like to hear more stories, please subscribe to our podcast.

Black Hat priest albums is a collection of black hat albums by black hats priests.

This is a very personal collection of stories, filled with personal experiences and the stories of those who have passed on.

The stories in this archive are as personal and authentic as the black hats themselves.

We hope you enjoy listening to the stories and find them interesting.

Black hat priest albums includes the following albums: Black Hat: A Black House – the life and music of a priest by Richard Dolan and Richard G. Scott.

Black House: The Life and Music of a Black Hat by James K. White, a story of black men, black women and black history.

Black Hats: The Secret Life of a Priest by Jeffery K. Jackson.

Black Head: The Journey to the Black House by Mike Piazza.

Black Hands: The Priesthood and the Black American Church by David B. Stroud.

Black Holes: The Hidden Stories of Black Hats by Tom Davis.

Black Hoop: Stories From the Underground Black House in Atlanta by Larry E. Davis.

The Black Hat Archive is a project of the Black Hops podcast network, created by Tom Davies.

Please enjoy listening and supporting the Black Hats podcast network.

We love hearing from you.

The podcast will be hosted by Tom and Patrick and will include interviews with members of the black hat community.

This archive will include the stories told by the black huts themselves, and stories told to us by other black hat priesthood members and their stories.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years, and we hope you will continue to do so.


We will be releasing a weekly podcast on Tuesdays at 6pm PST.

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @blackhatpodcast, and visit the BlackHops Podcast Facebook page.

If there is a story you would like us to include in the archive, please email us at [email protected]

The first podcast will feature the stories from the Black Hands Podcast, which is an anthology of stories about black priests.

The second podcast will include stories from The Black Hogs podcast, which was launched by Tom Dolan in 2011.

Black Heads Podcast has a mission to “bring the truth to the black community” and to “connect with black people and black experiences to bring truth to them through the art of music.”

We hope to continue to work with people and organizations in the black church to provide this service.

Please consider supporting the podcast and helping us spread the word about the Black hat podcast network by subscribing on iTunes.

Black hats podcast archive

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